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Here you will find resources/information that is available to download for non-members. 


Junior Cycle Engineering Specification: 


Junior Cycle Applied Technology Specification: 




Junior Cycle Graphics Specification: 


STEM Education Implementation Plan 2017 - 2019: 






STEM Education Policy Statement 2017 - 2027:  



Engineering Equipment List and Specification (2020): 


Applied Technology/Technology Equipment List and Specification (2020):  

Graphics Design Lab Equipment List and Specification (2020):

Design & Communication Graphics (DCG) Equipment List and Specification (2020): 


Junior Cycle Metalwork Fact sheet:



Junior Cycle Technology Fact Sheet:



Junior Cycle Technical Graphics Fact Sheet:


Review of Junior Cycle Technology Subjects:


Senior Cycle Engineering Syllabus:



Senior Cycle Technology Syllabus:


Senior Cycle DCG Syllabus:



Junior Cycle Metalwork Syllabus:



Junior Cycle Technology Syllabus



Junior Cycle Technical Graphics Syllabus:







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