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'A home for Everyone’ Senior Cycle Design Challenge

CIF have today launched a national competition for senior cycle students called ‘A Home for Everyone’ (See link below). It’s a team-based project where students work together to design a home that helps ‘solve’ climate change, the housing crisis, and addresses inclusivity. In other words, the house design should  be  eco-friendly,  affordable  and  be suitable for elderly people or people with disabilities.

CIF understand that as teachers your support is fundamental to teams participating in the competition. The nature of the competition promotes teamwork, the application of math’s, knowledge of the local communities, awareness of   issues   such   as   climate   change, homelessness, and   inclusivity. Also, the competition aims to show the creativity, purpose and impact involved   in design, engineering, and construction.   

To this end, the winning team will have their design rendered into 3D and will be able to ‘walk’ through the house with a range of ambassadors, politicians, celebrities, parents and local councillors. The winning school will  receive  high  end measuring  equipment,  a  laser level  and  a  masterclass  in  the  use  of  the equipment. Finally, the winning team members will have the option of taking a CIF scholarship or access to our apprenticeship programme if they do decide to take a construction-related career route in their future.

In developing this competition, CIF have worked with TUI, the Techno Teachers Association Ireland, the Engineering Technology Teachers Association, and the Institute of Guidance Counsellor. In addition to this. Alison Watson MBE, CEO of A Class of Your Own, has been engaged  to  create  a competition that compliments your excellent work with students whilst benefiting them and your community.

CIF members have volunteered to assist you and your students in this competition. Get in touch with us at and we will endeavour to connect you with a local construction company.  

For further information please visit -

Please see documentation below regarding the challenge.

CIF A Home for Everyone Design Brief
Download PDF • 3.93MB

Letter to ETTA
Download PDF • 139KB


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