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Historic occasion for ETTA

The ETTA today joined forces with Louth Meath Education and Training Board to boost second level STEM education, signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the ETB and their Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre of Excellence (AMTCE). Chairperson Barry Convey signed on behalf of the ETTA with LMETB CE Martin O Brien. He was joined by Treasurer Colin Whyte, Secretary Billy Higgins, Assistant Chairperson Edel Finlayson, Assistant Secretary Gabija Rudyte and Area 6 Rep Darrell O Brien. This agreement will see the association establish its first official headquarters based in the AMTCE complex in Dundalk. This headquarters will pave the way for the association to support the development of resources, courses and support for the members of the association. It is the first time that any Irish subject association will have a physical base of operations to carry out the business of the association.

This occasion is the start of a period of work will hopefully see an expansion of the association and the services and supports it will provide for members. Make sure to get in contact with your Area and Area Reps to get more information and avail of the opportunities that will become available.


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