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ETTA - Upcoming Webinars

We have an action packed few months of online workshops coming between September and November.

We are starting with a Health & Safety webinar in early September which will bring teachers through the latest documentation in relation to safety standards, sample risk assessments, safety data sheets and much more.

In late September we will hold two refresher webinars on the micro:bit before we launch our new resource for senior cycle Engineering & Technology in October.

The resource shown in the image below (Micro:bit vehicle) will be held on four separate nights in October/November lasting for 2.5 hours. The workshop will be based on programming the vehicle to move in multiple directions. Resources will be sent to teachers in advance of the workshop. Each night this webinar can only cater for 20 teachers. More information regarding this webinar and the other workshops will be released in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions regarding any of the webinars please contact Ronan our Assistant

Chairperson via email on


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