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New Youtube Channel

As part of the redesigned website we have created a new Youtube channel. It is hoped to upload videos of the conference, videos of interest to members, and video slideshows of pictures of past projects.


Also created in the Playlist section of the Youtube channel are a number of playlists relevant to particular topics in areas of the curriculca we represent. Topics include, Design, Health and Safety, Engineering Processes, Testing of Materials, and Electronics to name but a few. The videos in these playlists contain content that was already on Youtube, but we thought might be useful for use in the classroom. Videos a generally of 5-8 minutes in length, and can be used as "A Stimulous to Engage" a class when maybe introducing a topic, or revising a topic.

If you have any suggestions on videos that explain a topic in better detail, or indeed found a video that you think has educational value in the classroom, please forward it onto us using the Contact Us section of the website, or tweet us on our twitter account @ettaireland.

To access our channel just use the Youtube button at the bottom of the website.

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