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Area 2 Planned Activities 2014-15

LIT in conjunction with the ETTA are delighted to be able to host the following sessions designed for ETTA members.

Leaving Certificate Engineering prescribed topic follow up Session in LIT:

“Basic principles of operation and applications of fuel injection systems in Petrol powered

cars.” Niall Enright will host an evening in the Garage in LIT to demonstrate the various systems and practical aspects on engines of the topic in an open session for ETTA members. There is no charge for attending this event.

Date: Thursday 27th of November, 7PM. All ETTA members welcome

Numbers limited to 24 attendees for safety reasons. If there is demand a second session can

be arranged.

Email to indicate if you are intending or not.

COLMAC ROBOTICS Technology Evening (2 nights)

Build, programme and test your own educational robotic machines in two evenings in LIT. The kits will allow students to design and build their very own line-follower robot. LIT with the ETTA will host training evenings for COLMAC Robotics where teachers will purchase a robotic kit, assemble and programme it over two evening sessions. Schools may purchase the kits/training through a purchase order to

Cost of Kit €50; Training Cost €45; Total cost is €95 per person for the kit and training. Magnetic mat is available at an extra cost; one mat per school would suffice.

Date: Tuesday 3/2/15 and Tuesday 10/2/15: 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Numbers limited to 12 attendees: If there is demand a second session can be arranged.

Contact Mark O’Dea at

Welding Session in LIT during Mid Term break 16th–20th February

Eddie Nolan will host a day’s welding in the LIT welding room for teachers. Demonstrations

of MMA, MIG or TIG welding can be covered during the day depending on the needs of the

teachers. Attendees will be welcome to practice their welding skills for the day. This should

be an enjoyable day of practice and learning. Bring overalls, goggles and safety shoes. A small fee will apply to cover material costs.

Date: Monday 16th of February, 9.30am to 4pm.

Numbers limited to 12 attendees for safety reasons. If there is demand a second session can

be arranged. Contact Mark O’Dea at

Getting the best out of your Boxford/EMCO training lathe.

John Walsh/Ciaran O’Loughlin LIT will host an evening session for ETTA members to work

through the setup, programming and operation of a Boxford or an EMCO CNC Lathe. Numbers limited on this session to 16.

Date: Tuesday 24th of March 2015

Contact for further details.

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